Commercial success

It must’ve been more than a year since I first saw this CF…back around the time when I was simultaneously fangirling over Boys Over Flowers and Epik High. Back when I had no idea who Xiah Junsu was; back when I had the biggest secret girl crush on BoA, and back when I thought Tablo looked incredibly attractive with that hair.

(And anyone else think that Junsu looks and sounds so un-characteristically Junsu-ish here? I remember when I was first trying to figure out who was who in DBSK, Junsu threw me for a loop because I kept looking for the guy that I saw in the Anyband CF, and…I couldn’t find him. v_v)

Anyband – “Talk, Play, Love” (Pt. 1)

And back when, for some reason, I thought that the concept of this CF was brilliant. Now, I’m far from impressed. :/ The idea of using technology to enhance man’s humanism is clever; I’ll give them that. But there’s something about being one of the biggest corporations in Korea that kind of kills the concept.

Oh well. Junsu has awesome hair.

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