Wow, my taste in music really does suck

Super Junior – “미인아 (Bonamana”)

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What is this?! WHAT IS THIS?!?!

Oh, yes, after two weeks and 32 plays of this song…I have learned to *gulp* like it. Ladies and gents, this is my Sucky-Music-Tolerance-ism at its best. But I do have my reasons for not completely hating myself for letting this one slide.

1) Harmonic complexities in the chorus. Yes, they are there. I didn’t notice them until about the 16th play or so, but after that, everything about my perception on this song changed.

2) Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s bridge around 2:50. I am starting to appreciate Ryeowook’s voice. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

3) Actually, Kyuhyun in general. You can hear him everywhere here; it’s ridonkulous. I’ve been obsessed with this kid for the longest time, but he’s finally getting the limelight he’s deserved after spending four years condemned to Ballad Land–which is really not a good place to be if you’re a Suju member.

And don’t even let me get started on Kyuhyun and live performances. *drool* Heck, I’m even starting to like the MV because of Kyuhyun. I mean–

*killed dead*

I still need to review the rest of the album before making any more drastic judgment calls. “Boom Boom” isn’t sounding too terrible, and “나란 사람” is not bad as far as most Suju ballads go. Still can’t figure out exactly what their concept is supposed to be. It’s been, like, a month since photos came out and I’m still stumped. Not a good sign.

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  • Ed

    Oh, I noticed the harmonies in the background, and the interesting changes in style in terms of rhythmic beats, but I still don’t love it. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, and I’ve gotta listen to it more than 30 times before it becomes tolerable/likeable? Eh, idk.

    Personally, I’ve gotten tired of suju’s auto-tuning, especially when it isn’t needed. Auto-tuning often indicates that the person being auto-tuned can’t sing to a certain range or in a certain rhythm/interval, but Suju likes to use it as its own style (they can sing without it, but they still choose to use auto-tune, which also makes live concerts less enjoyable, imo), which was cool the first couple songs I listened to, but by Bonamana, I’m needing something more interesting than what this song has to offer.

    Don’t get me wrong; I still feel like dancing when I hear this song, but they need to shoot for something more than a song that makes me want to dance. I need a song that makes me go WOW. Then again, those kinds of songs are hard to come by. The most recent ones being Getting By-tbt, ATW vs BAM-DJ Hero, and Mirotic-DBSK. Yes, it’s been quite a while. Suju, surprise me!