It’s like “Sorry Sorry”‘s jealous little brother

Super Junior: “Bonamana”

Apparently, SM now only has one composer, one MV director, and one choreographer at their disposal, and they’re all getting sick of their jobs. I’ve listened to “Bonamana” quite a few times now in an effort to like it, and I had hoped that it would be one of those songs where I theoretically shouldn’t like, but I would enjoy listening to anyway, as with “NU ABO.” But alas, it didn’t work. I think I would’ve liked it just fine had “Sorry Sorry” not been the song that turned me into a partial Suju fan. Because it sounds like a less impressive version of “Sorry Sorry,” and now with the music video, it looks like a less impressive version of “Sorry Sorry.” And the choreo is just plain weird, man.

Also, does the stylist always have some sort of beef with Eunhyuk or something? He always gets the short end of the stick, appearance wise. Way to make Suju’s resident monkey into some sort of goth-punk-slasher fellow.

Please, please tell me that there will be some sort of “Norago” equivalent on the 4th album. At least the original is good enough to make for a listenable mediocre remake.

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