MV of the day: “Analyze”

I love Tim Be Told and I love this song, so I can’t help but say that I love the video. Compared to their previous vids (“Getting By,” “Gravity’s Hold”), it has such a professional feel to it, even though the director’s credits look rather familiar (I think I’ve been to a few church retreats with Jonathan Moy, believe it or not…!!!). It’s finally good to see that their videography is finally up to par with their music.

The video itself is a bit of a tired concept; I won’t deny that. But it’s a concept that’s just so blatantly Tim Be Told-esque that they’ve got to have one MV like that. I’ll be watching for a fresh, new concept for their next video. (“Third Wheel”, please? Imagine how much fun of an MV that would be~!)

Man, what I would give to see these guys live. High five. All these guys are my heroes. ^^

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