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Suddenly remembered why I have a blog–so I can post my opinions without risking being lampooned by crazy fangirls, as I would be had I let loose on a Seoulbeats article. Like the one below.

I’m going to cut to the chase. I don’t like Junsu’s new music video. I can tolerate the song if I turn my Engrish filter up to, like, Brick Wall Level. But as I watched the PV at 8 in the morning, I can’t say I wasn’t just the teeniest bit horrified.

You can’t jump from friendly, sentimental, just-fresh-from-“Toki Wo Tomete” image to “hey, I’m trying to be a flaming sexpot” image. You just can’t. The sudden contrast between the two doesn’t serve to emphasize either image, like one would assume. It just makes your supposed “sexy” concept look trashy. It’s like dressing up Cinderella in a hooker’s costume the night after the ball.

Don’t get me wrong; the filmography was excellent (save for that one repeated sequence of Junsu’ flexing his right bicep. Seriously, WTF?!). The costuming wasn’t terrible either (apart from that vest that was much too reminiscent of the Mirotic era for my own liking). And I’ve already said that I like the music (sans lyrics, that is). So where does the trashiness lie? Lyrics, choreography, and ambiance. Oh, yes. Mr. Kim Junsu–as the principal lyricist, choreographer, and producer, the fault lies with you this time.

It’s not to say that the “sexy” concept is not a step in the right direction–that is, away from the all-too-obvious association with the lawsuit drama, away from reading in between the lines of the lyrics, away from general depressingness…and towards an image that, yes, gives the fangirls what they want without the emotional baggage, but also attempts to establish himself as a strong individual performer. This is evidenced by Junsu’s strong performance presence in the video which, everything aside, should be commended. But they also say that loud self-confidence only shields insecurity.

Junsu’s a newbie solo artist; the end. He might have years of experience as a performer, but he has none as a solo artist. But despite this, the staff essentially made him Artistic Director for everything concerning his debut. I don’t care how talented he is; that’s just a stupid decision–a stupid decision that allows Junsu to make some pretty stupid decisions of his own.

If anything, “Intoxication” shows off his naivete more than anything else. It’s clear that he’s trying to create a new image for himself that’s completely apart of the one he had whilst still a DBSK member–innocent, awkward, pure, unassuming. For good reason–one, he’s trying to establish his performer identity as “Xiah Junsu, Period,” rather than “Xiah Junsu, The Former DBSK Member,” which will guarantee him long-term success even after the name DBSK fades into the folds of history. Two, he’s a 23 year old man. It’s clear he only maintained the innocent look for the sake of his role within DBSK…because, honestly, what 23 year old guy wants to be known as the “cute” one? This is his chance to finally break free and become a man. Obviously, he took that chance…a bit too enthusiastically.

Don’t get me wrong: Junsu knows what “classy-sexy” is. First off, it’s the only kind of sexy that should exist in the entertainment world…but that’s just my two cents. Secondly, it’s clearly what he was trying to portray in the music video. But it was clear that the lyrics were so blatantly sexual (rather than veiled and mysterious *cough*9095*cough*) that it just didn’t work.

(Junsu’s a really talented songwriter; don’t get me wrong. But for some reason, whenever the producers tell him to compose a dance track, it’s like his mind turns into that of a seventeen year old boy…see “Xiahtic” and “My Page.” He undoubtedly took the same path in composing “Intoxication”…except this time he doesn’t have the Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism breathing down his neck. They thought “under my skin” was bad? Well, just watch….)

So they modified the concept in an attempt to reconcile the two. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get Trashy-Classy-Sexy (and that’s in quantitative order)…which is what we’ll call the concept of “Intoxication.” From what I’ve seen, most fangirls don’t mind…to say the least. Personally, I felt immeasurably uncomfortable watching it–and by “immeasurably uncomfortable” I mean “like I was going to tear my eyes out in mortification.”

Call me a prude for saying this, but one of my main reasons for liking DBSK is because up until the Mirotic era, they’ve propagated a pretty wholesome image. Even Mirotic, with its almost-embarrassing amount of hypersexuality and partial nudity, wasn’t that bad and was mostly done in a tasteful manner (re: Version C album photos). I think that their Sccret Code performances characterized them at their best, and shows them doing something that many groups of their age can’t do–maintain an air and image of maturity without having to play the sex card. Their image in that tour was real, and what was real was nice. They were just some twenty-something guys who liked to sing, and that was aptly reflected by their image. It was honest, it was clean…and it still sold out two full Dome arenas.

Now this time, Junsu played the sex card big time with “Intoxication,” and I just don’t see the need for it. Not yet, anyway. I’m sure the fangirls might be satisfied, but what about the male fans? Junsu’s the most popular member amongst fanboys. If I were a  straight guy< i’d feel hella uncomfortable watching that video, no matter how much of a fan I was. That’s a pretty surefire sign that what you’ve got is more a moneymaking device than it is art. And with Junsu’s amount of talent, that’s just a crying shame.

Man, this turned out to be a lot longer than I’d have liked. But all in all…Junsu, I still love you, man. So wipe off that makeup and go back to being your old, goofy wonderful self, willya?

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  • I know this is an old post, but I just have to comment. I’ve been reading your articles and have been agreeing for the most part. But now after reading this one I think you might be me. haha

    Being able to demonstrate adulthood without scandalous trashy behavior is why I liked DBSK. (Oh I’m grown so I CAN act this way has always been a sorry immature stance) These men are attractive creatures all on their own. They don’t need to try so hard to prove to the public that one day they too can reproduce.

    [I’ve skipped over things like fancams of “9095” -the poll dancing was just, NO. I avoided Junsu’s “Intoxication” and now I’ll only listen to the current TVXQ’s “Before U GO.” Because although the choreography has its finer points, the awkward male interaction and raunchy crotch grabs/sex moves are a complete disappointment and turn off.]

    • Patricia

      “Because although the choreography has its finer points, the awkward male interaction and raunchy crotch grabs/sex moves are a complete disappointment and turn off.”

      omg you are me. or i am you. either way, we agree. haha.

      i know. give me one group – JUST ONE – that manages to keep their shirts on during performances for the entirety of their careers, and i’m happy.