MV of the day: “時ヲ止メテ”

Tohoshinki:  “時ヲ止メテ/Stop the Time”

I come home for a short break between shows and to my delight, this is what I find. Granted, I have approximately ten minutes to make this post before I have to leave, and Youtube is being a giant poop and not loading the video properly. But despite these frustrations…it’s totally worth it.

I have a limited amount of time to write and post, and I’ll be too exhausted to do it tomorrow, so the following is a horribly disorganized smattering of my initial thoughts. Enjoy!

To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing extraordinary about it. The boys look particularly spazztastic in this one, but that’s nothing new. Most of the props go to PD-sama, once again. The planetarium fits perfectly with the mood of the song. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same guy who did “Beautiful You.” The videography styles are similar…and by “similar” I mean absolutely beautiful.

I still don’t understand why the song has to be almost six minutes long. DBSK ballads have a tendency to be long, and gutwrenchingly, depressingly long, at that. But music videos always give me a newfound appreciation to any song, and “Toki Wo Tomete” is no exception.

Now. For the guys themselves. They look fine, with the exception of Jaejoong’s lightbulb head. Thank goodness he’s dyed his hair back to a normal color since then. I’m slowly getting used to Yoochun’s hair. And Junsu has been looking ridiculously attractive lately, but he doesn’t look all that different. I’m confused, but happily so.

The thing with this song is that it screams ANGST ANGST ANGST, like most DBSK ballads. “Toki Wo Tomete,” however, seemed to up the angstiness by a thousand points. I haven’t read the translation for the lyrics it *headdesk at Japanese fail* (thanks for the translation, DBSKnights!) but with a title like THAT and a music video like THAT and horribly forced emotions in the boys’ faces like THAT…well, I’ve got a pretty good clue.

To expound on that last point….yeah. Emotions–as glad as I am to see them–seem pretty forced. Jaejoong usually emotes pretty naturally, but even he seemed to be a bit much. Changmin was the worst. He’s naturally a really awkward performer in PVs, but it got to the point where I started feeling a substantial amount of secondhand embarrassment for him. Granted, I shouldn’t be talking because I probably don’t look too dissimilar from him when I sing…but still. Nonetheless, it’s good to see him show some emotion in public for once. All we’ve seen of him lately are airport pictures in which he looks completely depressed and emaciated. And the “Toki Wo Tomete” album cover. Now THAT I’m not complaining about.

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  • ed

    Ya datz rite, ur liekin da junsu. i liekz wut i seez here. Also, lightbulb head is a funny image to describe jj’s hair

  • Monica

    I actually don’t mind Jaejoong’s hair, but Chun’s is awful. Yunho’s looks like it did in the T photobook (exactly the same! It’s weird) and Changmin and Junsu look like… Particularly pretty versions of themselves.
    And yeah, the emoting… Junsu was the only one who really pulled it off, but Changmin’s was especially awful. And it was obvious how hard he was trying to control his hand, which was sort of cute…
    I want that engagement ring. So beautiful.
    And I am SO psyched for the single to come, because all the cards are gorgeous (and not, as someone put it, skittle-colored) and Yunho pulls of the teasing-sexy thing (for once) despite being orange, and Changmin… Is purple, but the expression in the solo shot (beside the Checkmate lyrics) is O.O
    And I loooove the (photoshopped together) homin on the back cover ^_^ (I have a weakness for all changmin pairings and I do not know why…)