MV of the day: “Beautiful You”

FAVORITE. DBSK. MUSIC VIDEO. EVAR. I love it so much that I can even forgive the T tour fail-hair featured in this. (Yoochun, WTF. Skunk hair is not attractive. And hair jewelry should not be possessed by anyone with a Y chromosome. That’s right, Yunho. I’m looking at you.)

Probably the big initial draw with this video was the fact that they somehow managed to make Yunho look pretty. And not only look pretty, but look pretty with that travesty of a hairdo he had in 2008. As Monica so aptly put it, “I wish I were that mirror.” Me too, Monica. Me too.

Shallow Selling Point #2. Junsu looks amazing in this. I don’t know what it is about a man and unbuttoned, rolled down shirt sleeves, and I also don’t know how I can possibly find someone donned in powder blue this attractive, and I also don’t know how I can possibly find Junsu physically attractive, period. But all three elements seem to work here. Even with the yellow hair. My goodness. I think the only DBSK member who has ever pulled off yellow hair is probably Jaejoong during the Bonjour Paris period. But then again, Jaejoong can pull off anything.

(Except this, of course. This is a prime example why yellow hair on Asian men is almost always a bad idea.)

And Changmin looks good, Jaejoong has flawless skin, and Yoochun looks greasy but his shirt’s unbuttoned, so it’s okay. Moving on.

The filmography in this is excellent. I’m definitely no expert in this video-recording biznatch, but PD-sama was frigging brilliant in this. The couple ring/necklace thing? Kinda tacky, but it holds a ton of symbolic value in Asian culture, so I’ll let it slide. To be honest, the plot concept itself wasn’t anything special. But the fact that PD-sama made it so darned pretty makes up for it.

Still can’t really wrap my heart around the song just yet. I mean, I’ve dealt with enough Engrish to the point of possible immunity, but Junsu riffing on “You are so beautiful woman” hasn’t really bounced off my Engrish shield–yet. Musically speaking, it’s a unique piece (well, as unique as J-pop gets) with mellow Latin influences (kinda like “Stay With Me Tonight” except less obnoxious and less reeking of teenage DBSKdom…ugh), and it fits in quite well with the rest of The Secret Code. But when you combine bad Engrish with such a moody song like this, it kills it even further. I mean, I can get Yunho’s repeated utterances of “My Sexy Lady” in “Choosey Lover.” The song is named “Choosey Lover,” for goodness sake. What did you expect?

In conclusion: potentially good song ruined by blatant abuse of Engrish. But nonetheless…PRETTIEST. MUSIC. VIDEO. EVER.

I mean, come on. Yunho. That’s all that needs to be said.

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