Baby, we keep the faith eternally

A few observations.

1) I’m pretty sure they didn’t shoot together. That would explain the lack of a group shot during the PV, the lack of any member interaction during the offshot, and I’m pretty sure Changmin and Yunho filmed in the early morning while Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun filmed at night. You can hear it in their voices.

2) I can’t get over how good Changmin sounds (and looks) in this.

3) Heck, I can’t get over how good they all look in this. They really are beginning to look like they’re in their mid-twenties. They look and act like big boys. Which is good.

4) The offshot itself is pretty boring. (Thanks to Mom for the subtitle help. I really need to learn to read Chinese.) It’s basically Changmin looking tired and muttering a few words about filming and Yunho looking tired and muttering a few words about filming, Yoochun making dramatic faces, Junsu complaining about makeup, and Jaejoong being a dorky klutz. It doesn’t seem artificial at all, but it just feels so…isolated and practiced. Especially on Yunho and Changmin’s part.

5) Well, at least they’re smiling.

It might just be my morbidness and pessimism speaking, but since DBSK’s contract with Avex will expire in June, it’s probably best to savor every single thing they do in the next six months. I can only pray that the members are doing the same.

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  • HiWorld

    omg!!! is it really true?? ='( im going to cry??!!
    WHHHHHHHHYY why must their contract end in June with Avex, yet be 13 years with SMEvil??

    aauuffhh.. btw i saw a bit of this translated and didnt yoochun say somehting like “those two foreign friends” ??
    this is sooo sad! i wonder if they wanna see eachother or are they being forced to not see eachother! ive recently been into DBSK but im like soo sad about this =(

    • patricia

      because avex is awesome and sm isn’t. :(

      i saw that too! i was wondering if anyone else had picked up on it…apparently the original japanese does mean ‘foreign’ as in, like, from another country. weird word choice but i think we all know what he’s talking about… TT_TT it’s too sad…

      i just joined the dbsk fandom relatively early, too…what a sucky time to catch onto things…

  • HiWorld

    i know =(
    at first i didnt get chunnies comment but then i put two and two together and was about to cry T.T