Moments like these

Tohoshinki: “Stand By U”

Things like the Blue Ocean at Tokyo Dome make it hard to forget the good old days.

I don’t really know if anyone else feels this way, but when I was watching the Tokyo Dome performance of “Stand By U” a couple of days ago, I kept feeling repeated pangs of sadness. Usually when I’m watching old clips of DBSK at performances or variety shows, I’m able to put away my thoughts about the current situation and just enjoy these memories for what they are. I can’t seem to do the same with “Stand By U.”

I think it’s probably from seeing recent performances of the song on end-of-year specials, the horribly awkward ones where Jaejoong looks like he’s about to punch a wall and Changmin looks like he’s about to cry. The performances themselves seem so reflective of the current situation, and the stench from all the politics behind the scenes is so strong that it permeates not only recent performances, but travels back in time to affect past performances.

Maybe I’m just being needlessly depressing, but you have to admit that the contrast in attitude between the Tokyo Dome performance and recent performances of the same song are indeed striking. With “Break Out!” promos coming up within a month, I’m worried. I’m worried that company politics will ruin a great song even before it’s gotten a chance to shine, like “Stand By U.”

You know what I’m waiting to see? The offshot for the “Break Out!” PV shooting.

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