Music Core, January 2nd, 2010: “기다리다 지친다” – 2PM

You have no idea how excited I am that 2PM’s finally promoting this song.

Honestly, I was getting a little tired of “Heartbeat,” and “Tired of Waiting” is probably my favorite cut off of 01:59 PM, so I’m quite satisfied. I was worried about them pulling it off live, however…mostly because it’s hard to hide bad vocals with autotune in this song. There are just too many nuances with the melody. And it’s hard to sing, I’ll give them that. For a group whose greatest weakness is singing…mad, mad props.

And did I mention that they look fan-freaking-tastic in the live perf? Especially Wooyoung. I am most definitely Team Wooyoung.

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    actually 2PM can sing pretty damn good if you know them enough. Jaebeom, Junsu and Junho are the best vocals of the groups. Especially Junsu, he has this American soul and R&B style which you rarely see in Kpop singers.
    Just that this song is originally autotunes and it’s difficult for ANYONE to sing an autotuned song.

  • patricia

    agreed…I’m not saying that they’re bad singers, but just that compared with all the awesome stuff they do, singing is their weakest point. I do think that junsu has a pretty amazing natural talent with singing; the tone is incredibly unique. he does need to work on control, however. I’m not fully convinced about junho just yet, but I’m waiting to be surprised.

    for one, I actually kind of like the use of autotune, and I usually HATE autotune. the thing with live performances of an autotuned song is that they overlay the autotuned recorded vocals in the background track. so essentially, when singing live, the artist is pretty much on their own as opposed to having the autotune effect to correct their live sound. which is why I give 2pm so much credit for doing so well with this live. they basically proved that they can hit almost every note without autotune help. and this song has a difficult melody line to sing, autotune or no autotune. I see their ability to pull this off as a sign of growth. their singing ability still needs a lot of work as a team (you can’t rely on just one or two great singers and leave the rest in the rut of mediocrity), but it’s a sign that they’re learning.

  • Monica

    …I will make a Hottest out of you…
    And I will thank 2pm for helping me out.